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DIY DataRecovery CHK-Mate

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Fernando C├ęsar Senior editor

DIY DataRecovery CHK-Mate is an application for identifying files created by Windows Chkdsk. For various reasons (power outage, crash, etc.) Windows sometimes loses pieces of information. That data is recovered by programs like Chkdsk or Scandisk. However, after they finish their work you are often left with strangely named folders filled with files with odd names (e.g., filexxxx.chk).
Most people will delete those files as there is little use for them, but sometimes they are real files with important information. If you lost important files after running Chkdsk or Scandisk you should give CHK-Mate a try.

This application tries to identify the strangely named files and fix their extension. Windows will then recognize the extension and allow you to open the file and see if there is anything of interest.

This is a very straightforward program and there are instructions visible on every step of the way in case you need more details about what is being done. You begin by choosing the folder where the files to recover are kept (remember, this program cannot open hidden folders). On step two you have the option to recover only the text from the files. This can be useful if the file was severely damaged. Then you need to select the folder were the recovered files should be saved and you are done. Expect some delay, as the program checks every .chk file you have and every file type it knows. Since all files recovered are saved in a different folder, there is no risk of losing important data.


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Publisher's description

Have you ever lost important files after Scandisk or Chkdsk 'repaired' the file system?

The Windows Chkdsk and Scandisk utilities are designed to verify the file system, and (if required) to return the file system to a consistent state. File system inconsistencies can occur after an operating system crash.

Did Scandisk or Chkdsk convert your files to Filexxxx.chk files?

When recovering the file system to a consistent state, lost or cross-linked clusters will be set to 'available' when the file system is verified. The contents of these clusters will be saved to a '.CHK file' (Filexxxx.CHK).

Did you ever wonder if there was something useful in those filexxxx.chk files?

While CHK files may contain garbage, before deleting them you should examine the contents of these files. This is especially true if you lost files after a system or application crash: the CHK files may contain the contents of the lost files. Unfortunately Windows does not offer a tool that allows you to do so in an easy way. CHK-Mate is a utility that should have been 'standard issue'.

CHK-Mate will examine the contents of the CHK files and determine if the contents are known file types, such as MS-Word files or GIF files. When contents are recognized (for example, as a Word document), the CHK files are copied to a new file with the correct file extension (Filexxxx.CHK -> Filexxxx.DOC). The new file extension allows you to easily open the file using the associated program.

If the contents of a CHK file can not be linked to a known file type, you have the option to extract all the readable text from the CHK file. Use this option to recover information from a CHK file that is perhaps not intact enough to be recovered completely as a known file type.

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    Guest Last year

    What about any .mp4 files? Is there a way I can get them back?


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